TCH gets some TLC!

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T C Harrison - Night 003I was commissioned by TC Harrison Ford at Pride Park in Derby to take some night shots of their dealership frontage for an advertisement in Derbyshire Life magazine.

T C Harrison - Night 002This was both a satisfying and frustrating night.

Satisfying because I took the required shots.  A fairly clear night brought me a deep blue sky and I was delighted with the shots I got.

The frustration came out of waiting for night to fall while watching, to my left, an absolutely spectacular sunset.

I then wanted to be somewhere else, namely in an idyllic countryside location, not in an industrial park!

However, I then thought: ‘I might as well take a few shots of the sunset and put them in my skies folder (every photographer should have a skies folder).

T C Harrison - Sunset 001I also made sure I took a few shots of the TC Harrison building at the same time.

That way, I would have the building in just about the right light for me to slot in my sunset shots in the sky above the building and for it to look authentic.

All I had to do to give the image more veracity was to warm up the building, courtesy of two Photoshop filters.

Ok, the sun wasn’t setting behind the TCH building but who but a fussy meteorologist is bothered?

In the end, the shoot was more satisfying than frustrating in that I have given my client more than requested.

Essentially, I have told TCH they have a few bonus pictures and they can use those another time – and I may get some more work from them as a result!

Come to think of it, they may like the sunset pics so much they’ll use one of those for the ad rather than the blue night pics.  We’ll see…

T C Harrison - Sunset 003

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