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Your View 003 On The BeachThis image – On The Beach – was taken in Scotland, though you might think it’s the West Indies or similar.  This is a slice of the Caribbean on the Isle of Harris, overlooking Luskentyre Bay. The two figures, though tiny, really make the image for me.  This picture probably represents my best chance of getting an acceptance at the 2015 Take A View Landscape Photographer of the Year book & exhibition, one of the most prestigious photo competitions in the world.

Luskentyre Sunset 003I entered for the first time last year and although I didn’t get any images accepted, I thought I would have another go. The quality of the work that gets in is exceptional and the entry is huge: over 20,000, with only around 150 images chosen.  So, if I get even one picture in, I will be elated. My other best chances are with two other images taken in Scotland on a photo trip a year last May.  The image above is also of Luskentyre Bay where I returned for a spectacular sunset.  The shapes in the wet sand make this pleasing for me.

Classic View 003 Skye Mountain HatThe third image is strong on drama, I feel.  I call it Skye Mountain Hat because of that amazing cloud; and because it’s made the view unusual, it might give me an edge when being judged.

There are other images (see the rest of my entire entry below) that may have a chance simply because of the drama of the skies: the shot of Heage Windmill (I still can’t believe that sky), the spectacular cloud shapes above the workers’ cottages in Belper, and the approaching storm clouds above Haddon Hall.  The windmill and workers’ cottages photos will be going in my forthcoming book The Valley That Changed The World (a photo book of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site), as will all the other images taken in the valley.  I would be especially thrilled if I could get one of my Derwent Valley images in the Take A View book as it would be great publicity for my own book!  If I had to choose one local image to go in, it would probably be Heage Windmill as I’m a Trustee!  However, sentiment aside, I am especially pleased with the pictures of the  father and son artists Rex and Mark Preston.  Rex is small in the shot of him beside the Cromford Canal but that’s what I like about it.  Here is this great painter quietly sketching on the towpath and the beauty of the canal is there for all to see. The photo of his son Mark is quite different: here he is ‘en plein air’ and you can clearly see the scene that he is painting.


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