Scarecrows in Duffield

Posted on October 24, 2016 by Admin under Derbyshire, The Life of a Derbyshire Photographer

scarecrows-090I have just finished processing all the photos of the scarecrows from the Duffield Arts Festival weekend and, as the official photographer, I am in deep despair… I didn’t photograph them all!  I captured only 68 out of the 73.

I kept saying to people I met on the trail: ‘If the official photographer can’t photograph all the scarecrows, then who will?’  I am now searching for that who!

I would be in a deeper slough of despond were it not for the fact that it was going to prove mightily difficult to photograph all 73 when only 61 were flagged in the official trail booklet.  I had been told that there were late entries but I also heard that some people decided to enter into the spirit of the contest with an unofficial entry and made up their scarecrow almost literally overnight.

So, which five scarecrows did I miss and who has a photo of them?  If you can identify which ones are missing from my gallery, do let me know.


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