Pictures at an Exhibition – Second Movement

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Montreal Exhibition 007The Artisans’ Weekend in the village of Montreal is over but effectively my exhibition continues. Sales on the second day were again disappointing. Another 250 plus visitors came and I could sense plenty of admiration. Alas I didn’t smell their money. A few mounted prints were sold but only one framed picture went over the whole weekend. This would register as a disaster were it not for the fact that the pictures are staying on the wall, so all is not lost.
Burgundy Exhibition 011 - Place Du Prieure 9Already this morning at breakfast in the barn – where the pictures are on display – one of the guests bought two small prints – one of which is pictured here. There will be a steady stream of guests here at Maison Creme Anglaise and so I live in hope. I will be returning home with a few pictures to sell at my local gallery and even if few pictures are sold at Maison Creme, I can enjoy returning to bring back the unsold pictures and take this set of images to its next level: being displayed in a local French restaurant. By an amazing coincidence, a guest at the Friday preview – the talented potter Josie Walter – hails from Wirksworth, the Derbyshire town that has an annual Art & Architecture Trail, and she advised me to apply to be one of the exhibitors, with a view to displaying my pictures in the French bistro in the town. Great idea.
Here’s another great idea: if you’re planning a visit to Burgundy, Maison Creme Anglaise is rightfully regarded as one of the finest places you could stay. It’s in a beautiful medieval village – Montreal – and a certain someone has captured the place in photo art pictures, as you’ll discover at breakfast!

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