Matthew, Mackenzie and Marylin

Posted on September 6, 2012 by Admin under Interviews

My listener’s slot on BBC Radio 4’s iPM show last Saturday went ok.  It was disappointing that most of my compelling arguments for squash’s inclusion as an Olympic sport were left out of the recorded interview (see those arguments in the posting below) but I was pleased to know that the BBC made the International Olympic Committee aware of my complaint and interviewing the world’s greatest squash player NICK MATTHEW after me will have done nothing but good.  If you’re a squash lover, I would urge you to now make Radio 5 – the ‘Olympic station’ – aware of squash’s bewildering omission from the Games.  If squash had been in, we would have passed that totemic 19 Gold Medal mark by now.

To listen again to the iPM broadcast, click here

Returning to Radio Derby for that Radio 4 interview summoned up a few memories of my 22 years there.  Recently, I’ve made my Radio Derby connection felt through the pages of the Derby Telegraph.  When those two 90-plus year-old ladies Beryl & Betty won the British Sony Radio Gold Award for their Radio Humberside show, I dashed off a letter to the paper suggesting it was an opportune time to welcome back PAUL MACKENZIE and his elderly sidekick George Postlethwaite, ‘unquestionably the most entertaining voices in Radio Derby’s 40-year history,’ adding that ‘their exquisite, articulate and amusing interaction on air was pure radio gold. Bring them back and I would be a more regular listener.’

Paul was treated even more abominably than I was when he was axed – at a time when his show’s audience figures were increasing.  To prove how popular he still is – 7 years after leaving – my letter produced a flurry of support that even surprised me.  Such was the volume of letters that the Derby Telegraph was moved to publish an editorial and, yesterday, a big feature on Paul, superbly written by Lynne Brighouse.  All it needs now is for Radio Derby’s manager to welcome him back.  He would have to eat humble pie but it will feel tasty when he sees the next listening figures


Finally, I can’t let this week pass by without marking the 50th anniversary of the death of Marilyn Monroe.  When the film of last year came out, I saw it an unprecedented three times in 7 days – that was My Week With Marilyn!  The above photo hangs in my hallway so I can view it every day.  It’s unquestionable proof that the camera loved her, conveying all her gorgeousness and vulnerability.  Sadly, the photographer isn’t credited.  Is it one of Eve Arnold’s, I wonder?