Making an exhibition of myself

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Montreal Exhibition 001The evening arrived: the preview of my exhibition in the French village of Montreal.

English tea and scones were served, the pictures were gazed upon, thanks were given – ‘You all live in a beautiful area which I will love even more if you buy some pictures’ – then music was played, the pictures were studied with greater intent, the wine flowed, food was consumed… and then someone bought a picture.  About time. Ok, it was only a small mounted image but it was 25 Euros in the pocket.  Then there was a flurry of excitement on the gallery floor as my daughter Helena scurried over to me and asked where I kept my sheet of red dots.  I had sold a framed picture – 95 Euros pocketed.  At the end of the evening, another guest had promised to return a few days later and another small mounted picture was bought.

This morning sees the start of Montreal’s Artists Weekend.   I am rather nervous.  60 invited guests came last night and four pictures were sold.  That’s one picture for every 15 visitors.  Will I even get 15 through the doors or might it be 150?  After all, this is a popular event where residents from 10 neighbouring villages descend on Montreal.  We shall see…


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