‘Magnifique’ exhibition but sales ‘pas bon’

Posted on August 17, 2014 by Admin under Uncategorized

Burgundy Exhibition 035 - CharolaiseIf I had sold a picture for every visitor who said ‘magnifique’, ‘superbe’ and ‘tres jolie’ as they left my exhibition, I would be breaking out the Chablis. Instead, I can celebrate only with a small beer. I failed to sell a single framed picture and only four large mounted pictures, with the singular irony of three of those being Tuscan images I brought along at the last minute.
The only large print of the village of Montreal that I have sold so far is the one you can see: a malevolent looking Charolais, a common breed in this part of Burgundy. It’s one of my favourite images in the exhibition, not least because the cow looks so beautifully grumpy and the backdrop of the Burgundy coyuntryside looks so dramatic in monochrome. However, it’s a little dispiriting to see the distinctly French images of the village houses and market square receiving interested looks from the 2oo plus visitors without any of them being moved to buy even a small print, let alone a large one or a framed one.
If I repeat today’s takings tomorrow, I am going to be substantially down on my investment. However, I’m told the turnout to this artisans’ weekend is always better on a Sunday and the weather looks better – today was dry but cloudy and cool for mid-August.

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