Duffield Arts Festival

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duffield-arts-festival-2016-032I was delighted to act as the official photographer for the first ever Duffield Arts Festival.  As it took place over one weekend,  I got a strong sense of the life led by a blue-arsed fly.

For a first-time effort, the festival was a pronounced success with a wide spectrum of activities and events – concerts, talks, workshops, exhibitions, craft stalls, a ‘piano-thon’, a photo, art and short story competition, and a scarecrow trail which was key to the success in that the streets thronged with people, especially families with young children, all seeking out the scarecrows.  It was great to constantly bump into strangers and start chatting about the trail.  It really helped bind the local community.

duffield-arts-festival-2016-087As the official photographer, I felt I had to photograph all 73 scarecrows but I wonder if I got them all because not all 73 were listed in the trail map!  I do hope I have captured them all – if not I may need to request other peoples’ photos – as I would love to create a giant montage of the scarecrows to be displayed at next year’s festival.

There will definitely be a second festival so well done to Jonathan Leach for creating it – and what a fantastic effort from the many volunteers who worked behind the scenes.

There were a few glitches – some acts failed to show, the talks at the library were moved to Ecclesbourne School at the last moment and William Gilbert School didn’t open on the Sunday after a very quiet Saturday – but these were outweighed by all the positives, including a superb Saturday night concert featuring the Duffield Singers, Derby A Cappella and and an exhilarating new women’s choir from Belper – Ignite UK.

Let’s ignite the second Duffield Arts Festival!

Here is a selection of my favourite images from the weekend.

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