Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site – Book Commission

Posted on February 23, 2014 by Admin under Derbyshire, The Life of a Derbyshire Photographer

Belper Mill Horseshoe Weir 16.02.14 001I have another book in the making… as the official photographer for the Arkwright Society, I have been commissioned to produce a book of photos of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site.  Hurrah.  They want a calendar, too.

I already have a large bank of photos of the area, having produced local calendars and Derbyshire Life features this millennium, so well done to the Arkwright Society for their taste, wisdom and perspicacity in asking me.  

My first pictures since the commission were made last week: the recent rains have resulted in a surging Derwent so I waited for a blue sky day and popped down to the Horseshoe Weir at Belper to capture the waters ‘torrenting’ (I think I have invented a word) over the weir.  

It’s an image that reminds one of the extraordinary force of river water – and also explains why the likes of Strutt and Arkwright chose to harness the power of water to drive the Industrial Revolution.    

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