Dawn is a Feeling…

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Liverman Garden 03 March 049I’m photographing a garden through the four seasons… and loving every moment, especially as I have discovered dawn photography.  The golden hour just as the sun rises is as special when you’re on a small plot of land as it is when astride a mountain top.  It’s an exhilarating feeling as the garden comes alive.  At this time of the year, rising at 4.30 to catch the sunrise just after 5 is a tough call but worth it when you capture moments like the one to the left here.

Liverman Garden 05 May 006 As I beheld all that lovely light, I thought of that beautiful song Dawn Is A Feeling by The Moody Blues from their album Days of Future Passed.  This is the album that contains Nights in White Satin but for me, it’s Dawn rather than Night.  The lyrics sum up my feelings, too:

Dawn is a feeling  / A beautiful ceiling / The smell of grass / Just makes you pass / Into a dream

You’re here today / No future fears / This day will last / A thousand years / If you want it to

You look around you / Things they astound you / So breathe in deep / You’re not asleep / Open your mind

This is a beautiful garden, too, tended with love and care by Anne Liverman, a regular voice over the decades on BBC Radio Derby’s Gardening Phone-In. This is a garden with everything – and it’s full of interest and surprise.  And at this time of the year, it’s getting exciting.  I’m going again in a few day’s time… to see if twilight is as magical as the dawn!  Here’s a gallery of dawn images from the last few months.  Click on any one to see it bigger.




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