Darley Abbey Mills Regenerated

Posted on July 28, 2015 by Admin under Derbyshire, The Life of a Derbyshire Photographer

Darley Abbey Mills 021-EditMy Derbyshire Life article in the July issue about the regeneration of Darley Abbey Mills is now online – on the Derbyshire Life site (see link below).

As I mention in the article: ‘The quiet industrial revolution at Darley Abbey Mills is pleasing because it has seen the revitalisation of historic buildings that would otherwise have gone to rack and ruin; and it has fittingly returned a hive of industry to its former glory, one that is buzzing with a wide and varied colony of workers…

If all of this country’s disused mills had been converted similarly, there would be fewer of those ugly industrial estates lined with concrete and corrugated iron sheds.  Furthermore, the ‘dark, satanic mills’ of Blake’s Jerusalem were far from my thoughts as I visited businesses with freshly designed interiors, many with light, bright, airy spaces, and some with attractive beams and high windows inviting shafts of sunlight.’

Click here for the article.


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