Another Cover Story

Posted on April 27, 2013 by Admin under Publications

Buona FortunaOnce again I’m fired up to do more of my ‘fine art’ photography after receiving two cheques from the image libraries Trevillion and Arcangel for images of mine that have been bought by publishers as book covers.  I get so much satisfaction knowing that my imagery is on display in book shops across the land (or, rather, a land somewhere in the world).  At the same time, my actress friends – in this case Tamzin and Ava – earn money.  All my ‘models’ do the shoots for free but earn a percentage of whatever fee I receive should they appear on a book cover.  This puts the right kind of pressure on me to do my very best on my shoots though I still get anxious waiting for the quarterly statement to arrive!  In the first few years of submitting images, payment was sporadic but I’ve had cheques every quarter of the last year from Trevillion and, better still, two of my very favourite images which were rejected by Trevillion were bought through Arcangel.  Those two – starring Tamzin – are Buona Fortuna (published in Italy) and Desacords mineurs (published in France).  The one featuring Ava is an American murder thriller.  Being a US publication always means more money which is a relief as it helped soften the blow when I had to tell Ava that although the image of her showed her face and top half lying down in a shroud of autumn leaves, the publishers have used only her arm.  You have to agree, though, that it is a lovely arm.Crossbones Yard by Kate RhodesDesaccords Mineurs