Burgundy sunrise an omen?

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I woke up today to a beautiful sunrise with gorgeous mist. It’s frustrating in some ways – I haven’t brought my camera bag. All I have is my pocket Panasonic Lumix. This kind of scene would have been a wonderful addition to my exhibition. However, maybe this sunrise is a good sign and that this […]

‘Magnifique’ exhibition but sales ‘pas bon’

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If I had sold a picture for every visitor who said ‘magnifique’, ‘superbe’ and ‘tres jolie’ as they left my exhibition, I would be breaking out the Chablis. Instead, I can celebrate only with a small beer. I failed to sell a single framed picture and only four large mounted pictures, with the singular irony […]

Making an exhibition of myself

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The evening arrived: the preview of my exhibition in the French village of Montreal. English tea and scones were served, the pictures were gazed upon, thanks were given – ‘You all live in a beautiful area which I will love even more if you buy some pictures’ – then music was played, the pictures were studied […]

Ashley Franklin – ‘International exhibitor’

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I have returned to the blogsphere after an unconsionable absence.  We are told to blog to show how active and engaged we are in the world yet, ironically, I’ve been so ferociously busy, I haven’t had time to tell the world about it.  So why am I blogging now?  Because I’m on holiday, though it’s really […]

Dawn is a Feeling…

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I’m photographing a garden through the four seasons… and loving every moment, especially as I have discovered dawn photography.  The golden hour just as the sun rises is as special when you’re on a small plot of land as it is when astride a mountain top.  It’s an exhilarating feeling as the garden comes alive.  At this […]

Ashley’s postcard

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I am now the proud owner of a new business card.  It’s postcard size – like my previous one – as I like to hand over something substantial showing the range of my work.  I’ve been to photo conventions where delegates exchange business cards and I can’t fathom why virtually every photographer I see passes on a small […]

Heage Windmill

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Heage – a village close to Belper – means ‘high, lofty and sublime’ which is an apt description of its main feature: a working six-sailed stone windmill, the only one in Britain and, possibly, the world.  Restored in 2002, it looks as good as it did when built in 1797.   The windmill has its […]

Brian Griffin and Photographic Society

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It’s not often you get a phone call from one of the world’s greatest photographers.  It was Brian Griffin.  No argument about his greatness: he’s just received the Royal Photographic Society’s Centenary Medal.  Previous recipients have included Annie Leibowitz, Don McCullin, Elliot Erwitt Sebastiao Salgado… need I go on? Brian asked if I could use […]

Julianna Barwick – Songs of A Siren

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I know this is supposed to be a photography blog but I’m equally as passionate about music.  I love my photographic career but I do miss that part of my radio career when I was fronting a contemporary music show.  That experience goes all the way back to the turn of the 70s when, at […]

Open Mic in Milford

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Two years ago, after 33 years of dormitory dwelling in Milford, I finally put something back into the community: I produced a calendar for the village.  Or, rather, villages… the hamlet of Makeney is joined to Milford’s hip.  Better still, I used the proceeds (and a bit more in my pocket) to set up a […]