FORMAT 17 – Initial thoughts on Derby’s Photo Festival

Posted on March 23, 2017 by Admin under Derbyshire, Musings

Today I went on a press tour of Derby’s FORMAT 17 photography festival.   The theme – HABITAT – is complex and wide-ranging and has, I feel, been a little over-intellectualised, which I suppose is to be expected in the photo exhibition world, but it has at least led to a great variety of work […]

Duffield Arts Festival

Posted on September 23, 2016 by Admin under Derbyshire, Musings, The Life of a Derbyshire Photographer

I was delighted to act as the official photographer for the first ever Duffield Arts Festival.  As it took place over one weekend,  I got a strong sense of the life led by a blue-arsed fly. For a first-time effort, the festival was a pronounced success with a wide spectrum of activities and events – […]

Belper Mill – Part of the Fabric

Posted on May 21, 2016 by Admin under Derbyshire, Musings, The Life of a Derbyshire Photographer

I visited a fascinating art installation at Belper Mill: Part of the Fabric, created by Tan Draig, OBE. At first sight, it’s a web wrapped around the pillars supporting the cast iron structure of Belper’s North Mill. Remarkably, this maze is one long continuous thread, enough to weave a man’s suit out of. As Tan told […]

What makes photography special?

Posted on April 17, 2015 by Admin under Musings, The Life of a Derbyshire Photographer

I do a talk to camera clubs entitled The Wider World of Photography where I cover most of the genres of photography. I’ve been presenting it for just over two years. At the close, I present my Top 10 images. Up till now, I finished the talk by showing a photo of Marilyn Monroe taken by […]

Dickie Attenborough and the Nottm Uni Student

Posted on August 25, 2014 by Admin under Musings

I know this is supposed to be a photo blog but I can’t let today pass without a word or two about Richard Attenborough, who died yesterday.  In my days as a film broadcaster and writer at BBC Radio Derby and a little beyond, I interviewed Dickie five times.  Every time, he was charming, articulate, passionate […]

Pants on Fire

Posted on November 12, 2012 by Admin under Musings

By a weird coincidence, this next Blog is ALSO about Danny Baker.  Yesterday, on his national radio show, he read out an email from me.  You may be aware that Danny’s Radio 5 show asks listeners to relate stories based on his quirky suggestions e.g. ‘can anyone pronounce the longest word in James Joyce’s novel […]

Hurrah for Danny Baker

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I wish I had had Danny Baker’s balls 12 years ago when the BBC axed me, though if I had gone on a three-hour rant on air, the consequences would have been devastating. I was a Radio Derby employee who, like Danny, suffered at the hands of ‘pin-headed weasel management.’  13 years ago, I won […]

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