Bespoke Has Spoken

Posted on November 12, 2012 by Admin under Unusual Photography Assignments

derbyshire photographer

Just done another ‘suit shoot’ for Suitsmen.co.uk, and all are delighted with the pics.  Our model, Mark who, as you can see, is Robert Redford’s long lost son, is so good to work with.  He should be modelling big time.  Thanks to Andrew of Yeldersley Hall for the use of his fabulous place (see pic below).  Check out the website here


Suitsmen are launching an exciting range of bespoke suits and Rupert asked me to be a ‘guinea pig’ and go through the measuring process as if to order a bespoke suit.  It’s made me realise that I should have ordered bespoke long ago.

After I recorded my height, weight and chest size, I clicked on to the next stage, where I was asked to record other measurements like my neck, waist, wrist, arm and buttocks.  I noted that each of these measurements were already estimated for me on the screen and were based on my height, weight and chest size.  This was when I realised that I wasn’t as normal as I thought!  After I measured my neck, waist, wrist etc., the only estimate that was spot on was my inner leg length.  Every other estimated measurement was out, some only by an inch but others by several inches.

This experience brought me to go into my wardrobe and check on the suits, jackets, trousers and shirts I had bought in recent years.  Only then did I realise that few of them are a perfect fit.  For example, a jacket is fine round the waist but a bit long in the arms, or a pair of trousers are fine lengthwise but a bit tight round the waist, even when I had bought a pair with my usual waist size.

So, being measured for a bespoke suit has proved a revelation.  Bespoke has spoken to me and it’s made the measure of this man!

One final thing: it took a while to get myself measured but now I’ve gone through that process, it makes ordering another bespoke item a doddle as all my measurements have been saved.  And ordering bespoke again is something I will definitely be doing.  I can’t believe how reasonable the prices are, too!  Check out suitsmen here