Belper Passion

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Belper Passion 2014 012I attended and photographed my first ever Passion last Good Friday in my home town of Belper, one of only around two dozen places in the UK to stage the Passion Play.

It was only the second time The Passion had been performed in Belper and the first time it included a Walk of Witness, with Dan Skidmore as Jesus bearing the cross through the heart of Belper’s shopping street following the first Act of the play in Belper’s Methodist Chapel.

Belper Passion 2014 027As Jesus progressed up King Street, it was admirable to see respectful shoppers pausing to take in the moment.  Although I was occupied with taking photos, I still found it very moving, especially when the third Act – The Crucifixion – took place inside St Peter’s Church, which was almost full… a big church, too.

Written by local playwright George Gunby – the man also behind the Belper Arts Festival which starts in earnest on May 1st – this is a near future Passion where Great Britain is ogverned by The Corporation, a fascistic company holding sway over every aspect of life.

Jesus is portrayed as an activist, arrested and subjected to global ‘Trial by TV’ in a barbed send up of the excesses of the shallow X Factor culture where viewers around the world voted to send Jesus or Barabbas to their deaths.  We also had the chilling notion that a messianic figure of today could be viewed as a terrorist.    

This Passion is another reason to be proud of being a Belperian.

I was delighted with the photos I got from the day and will be assembling a montage to form the April page for my 2015 Calendar.  Below is a selection of some of my best photos.  CLICK ON ANY PHOTO TO VIEW IT LARGER.



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