Belper Mill – Part of the Fabric

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GA4C4143-Edit-EditI visited a fascinating art installation at Belper Mill: Part of the Fabric, created by Tan Draig, OBE.

GA4C4109-2At first sight, it’s a web wrapped around the pillars supporting the cast iron structure of Belper’s North Mill.

Remarkably, this maze is one long continuous thread, enough to weave a man’s suit out of.

As Tan told the Derby Telegraph: ‘The idea of the web is that it reflects the tight spaces that the mill workers laboured in.

GA4C4104-2They were constantly surrounded by noisy machines in great long rows, all running with miles of cotton threads that were being spun, doubled and finished.’

This woven ‘tunnel ‘ ends in an opening which contains a free-standing structure.

Visitors are invited to write about a favourite piece of clothing on a strip of cloth which they can then be attached and form part of an interesting collection of textile related tales.

I was fortunate to find a couple who were wandering around the installation, clearly fascinated by it.

I also added a slightly surreal take on the installation by creating my own art: a subtle movement of the camera as I hand held it in order to create a sense of a haunted past.

As you’ll also see in one of the photos below, there are minuscule figures representing mill workers – 500 in all.






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