Belper Food & Drink Fest 2016

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Belper Food Drink Festival 2016 002I spent a fair part of Sunday shooting the 10th Belper Food, Real Ale & Craft Festival.

My pride in Belper soars with each passing year and, in spite of a rainy start, there was still a substantial turnout and midday arrivals were eventually greeted by sunshine.

There were the usual 100 plus stalls, a remarkable figure considering the first event in 2007 attracted 24.

As I needed to take several photos of stallholders, it was encouraging to find that quite a few of them were attending the festival either for the first or second time.

As the stallholder bookings increased, it was decided to place several stalls in the Memorial Gardens.

What a great move: it created space for crowds to sit and laze on the grass as well as provide an extra performance space.

Belper Food Drink Festival 2016 004Furthermore, as my photo shows, this enables Belper to show off its floral displays, especially as this is the month when the East Midlands in Bloom judges descend on Belper to judge its Bloom efforts.

Proud as I am of the event, it’s disappointing that the new Belper Town Guide, which is 100 pages long, doesn’t even mention the festival.  How could they fail to mention the town’s biggest annual event?

Also, I was told that although Node 56 did a wonderful job organising the live music -a showcase for many Belper acts – not one of the performers received a penny for their efforts.  They never have.  When I look at the 100-page Town Guide which has at least 75 pages of ads, and the 68-page Festival programme, which has about 60 pages of ads, and then consider the money coming in from over 100 stallholders, surely the Town Council could make a contribution?



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