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Business Card 2014 Side 1I am now the proud owner of a new business card.  It’s postcard size – like my previous one – as I like to hand over something substantial showing the range of my work.  I’ve been to photo conventions where delegates exchange business cards and I can’t fathom why virtually every photographer I see passes on a small standard size card with one photo – or sometimes just an illustration or logo.  Our job is all about images, so show them!

Business Card 2014 Side 2As you’ll see from mine, there are lots of different images – 25 in all – which I hope reflect the diversity of my work.  You would think I’d be satisfied with 25 images but I’m still anguishing over images I left out and whether I am fully conveying the fact that my photo services include commercial, architectural, portrait, portfolio, wedding, garden, event and art photography.  However, it’s better that I am fretting about the fact that my work is so rich and varied rather than the fact that I didn’t have 25 images good enough to grace my card.

03 Service 113I also started to fret when I realised that it took me 7 years to run out of only 1,000 business cards, yet I’ve worked out that statistically I have passed a card on every two and a half days which doesn’t sound too bad.

I’ve already passed on a couple of dozen in one go to Norman and Jane, the wedding couple whose adoring gaze at each other was a recent image I chose to put on my card as soon as I saw it.  Why did they ask for a couple of dozen cards?  Simply because their image is right next to the Queen’s!  They can’t wait to show their friends.  Let’s hope their friends look at the other pictures and book my services – which, of course, is what a business card is for!

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