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Burgundy Exhibition 022 - Maison Creme AnglaiseI have returned to the blogsphere after an unconsionable absence.  We are told to blog to show how active and engaged we are in the world yet, ironically, I’ve been so ferociously busy, I haven’t had time to tell the world about it.  So why am I blogging now?  Because I’m on holiday, though it’s really a working holiday.  I’ve just managed to find some time before I start hanging my pictures on the wall of a converted barn in the heart of Chablis country.  It feels good to add the phrase ‘international exhibitor’ to my CV.

The photo opposite is of Maison Creme Anglaise, a guest house run by two old friends of mine from the BBC, Christine and Graham Battye.  It’s in the beautiful medieval village of Montreal.  Two years ago, they invited me over with a view to capturing the area and eventually putting on an exhibition to coincide with Montreal’s Artists’ Weekend.

It took a second visit before I had all my images ready and so here I am, nervously awaiting tonight’s preview.  I’m wracked with anxiety as I have invested so much in this exhibition.  However, I am delighted with the pictures, a selection of which you can see below.  I have deliberately confined most of my pictures to Montreal itself as they will be familiar to the exhibition viewers.  For instance, it’s very likely the owners of the houses I’ve photographed will come – and hopefully buy.  Once the weekend is over, the pictures stay on the wall and the hope then is that future guests will be entranced by Montreal and will want to take a memento of the place home with them.  The beauty of the barn is that it’s also the place where guests are served breakfast!

Right, let’s get hanging…



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