Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape

Posted on July 27, 2013 by Admin under The Life of a Derbyshire Photographer, Uncategorized

Kirklees Light Railway 001If you accord with me in age and musical tastes, you’ll know the title of this blog entry comes from the great Bill Nelson of Be Bop Deluxe.  It’s a track from the band’s debut album Axe Victim, the title track being an unsung classic of flash guitar rock.  As his electric guitar sweeps and soars, he sings: I’m an axe victim / Hung up on these silver strings / Like sails / Like seagulls’ cries… a pulsating rock tune for both the heart and the solar plexus.  I digress…

My personal adventure in a Yorkshire landscape came through a commission to photograph several heritage attractions including Wortley Top Forge, Magna, Elsecar, Kirklees Light Railway and Wentworth Castle Gardens.

It was a genuine pleasure to discover these heritage sites as well as photograph them.  Everyone I met was friendly – my loathing for a certain cold Yorkshireman who pushed me out of the BBC told me he was not typical, thank heavens – with an especially warm welcome at Kirklees Light Railway, Wortley Top Forge and Wentworth Castle Gardens.  You can see some of my best pictures in the gallery below, and also see how my pictures were used for a website going by the name Makers, Miners & Money.  Check it out by clicking here.

WentworthCastleGardensSeasonTicketIt’s always good to see one’s images on a website – along with calendars, greeting cards, book covers, magazine articles, brochures, posters… But here’s a new one: a season ticket.  I didn’t get to photograph Wentworth Castle Gardens in the best conditions but I did manage to get a dramatic shot of a temple underneath a blue cloud-inflected sky, an image which has been turned into a season’s pass for this visitor attraction.