Actress Ava Scott on Book cover by Ashley

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Amy HatvanyYou might say: ‘who is Ava Scott?’  Well, this headline is there for the world wide web to see when Ava becomes a movie star.  Ava is an actress friend of mine who did a few photo shoots with me so I could submit images to Trevillion, one of the world’s leading image libraries for the global book publishing market.  This image was taken during a shoot beside a lake on Derbyshire’s Osmaston estate back in the spring of 2012 with Amy (her real name) and her younger sister Grace, also an actress.

Amy did a few more shoots with me (appearing in a few more book covers) and then came a profound change in her career: she gained entry to the American Academy of Dramatic Art in Hollywood.  So, when she DOES become a movie star, I can proudly say that she appeared on a book cover image taken by me, even if in this case it just shows her legs.

I’m delighted to see it being used as a cover as it’s one of my favourite images in the Trevillion library. I love the way their joined hands indicate a sisterly bond.  There’s also a lovely sunshine glow on their dresses.  It’s no surprise that the book  – a Polish novel by Amy Hatvany – seems to be about a close relationship, as the Polish title translates as Beside Me You Will Be Safe.

You can see the original image below along with the six other images taken that day that were also accepted by Trevillion.




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